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Cricket Coacing
Nathan Reardon
Cricket Coacing


Unleash Your Child’s
Cricket Potential

Nathan Reardon Cricket Coaching is here to guide your child’s love for cricket and boost their skills on the pitch.

A trusted guide for your budding cricketer

At Nathan Reardon Cricket Coaching (NRCC), your child receives personalised coaching based on their unique abilities and potential.

Drawing from 20 years of cricket experience, including a 13 year professional career in Australian Cricket, Nathan has developed a proven framework that his coaches use to nurture children’s skills and instill a deep love for the game.


Cricket Coaching for Brisbane and Gold Coast Schools for over 10 years

NRCC have over 10 years’ experience working with schools across Queensland, including Brisbane private schools such as Anglican Church Grammar School, Nudgee College and Iona College to name a few.

From beginners to champions: the right coaching makes all the difference

Finding the right cricket coaching for your child can be as challenging as facing a fast bowler on a bouncy pitch! Parents and teachers, eager to nurture the budding talents of young cricketers, often struggle to find supportive coaching that encourages strategic thinking, teamwork skills, cricket confidence, sportsmanship and the strong foundations required to progress into higher levels of competitive cricket.

But imagine the joy on your child’s face as they confidently stride onto the cricket field. Their improved skills and love for the game propel them to not just participate, but to excel. With each match, they grow in confidence and skill, becoming a valuable asset to their team and a true cricketer at heart.

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Private 45 minutes


1 on 1 Professional Cricket Coaching from the NRCC team

Private 60 minutes


1 on 1 Professional Cricket Coaching from the NRCC team

Private Group Sessions 1.5hr

$240 per group of 4

1.5 hour group sessions for 4 students. *Additional students are $60 each. **For large groups contact us.

What people say

Nathan Reardon Cricket Coaching turns the pressure young cricketers feel into growth opportunities, enhancing their skills and mindset for success on and off the pitch.

So you want your kid to step our confidently onto the pitch ready to show off their cricket skills and make the crowd go wild.

But they’re feeling the pressure to do well from everywhere; you, their teachers and teammates, and you’re worried if they can handle it.

I’ll let you in on a secret…we’ve all been there.

I played professional cricket for over 10 years and I still worried about letting people down. But you know what? Every challenge is an opportunity to grow, and my team and I are committed to equipping your child with the skills, mindset and support they need to turn obstacles into opportunities. Whether it’s mastering batting techniques, overcoming a performance slump or learning to work as part of a team, each challenge is a stepping stone towards not only becoming a better cricketer but a stronger person.

Three steps to your child’s cricket success

Book a coaching session today so your child can become a skilled and confident cricketer. And in the meantime, be the first to know the score by signing up for our newsletter.


Whether it’s private 1-1, group or school sessions, book with me or a member of my team.


Our expert coaches will teach you skills and techniques to improve your game in a fun, relaxed environment.


Become a stronger, more confident player ready for the A team!

Frequently Asked Questions

Drawing on a decade of professional cricket experience and personal insights into the pressures of the sport, our coaching approach is uniquely tailored to nurture mental toughness and a positive outlook.

Through practical batting drills, teamwork exercises and scenario-based training, we help kids master both the technical skills and the mental resilience they need to excel under pressure.

Our supportive environment ensures that our students learn to view obstacles as stepping stones, ultimately shaping them into not only skilled cricketers but also strong, confident individuals.

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